Welcome to the New Zealand Clean Marina Programme

The Clean Marina programme aims to promote sustainable environmental initiatives to help protect our coastal and inland marine areas for future generations to enjoy as we do today.

The Clean Marina programme is an industry led programme developed by the New Zealand Marina Operators Association which encourages marina operators, boatyards, contractors and recreational boaters to do there part to protect coastal and inland water quality by engaging in environmentally sound Best Management Practices such as regular boat engine inspection and maintenance, proper waste disposal and reduction of discharge. These practices once implemented will contribute to safer, cleaner marinas, as well as cleaner waterways.

Marina operators agree, everyone in the marine industry needs clean water and keeping it clean is just plain good business, protecting our water quality is up to each one of us.

We are really excited to bring the Clean Marina concept to New Zealand. We aim to offer practical cost effective solutions to everyday operational issues. Facilities who can demonstrate they consistently use Best Management Practices that reduce environmental impact will be designated as a 'Clean Marina' and be awarded a specific level of achievement within the nationally recognised accreditation programme.

The NZ Marina Operators Association membership represents over 10,000 marina berths nationally and is currently seeking funding to progress educational material and partnerships promoting the Clean Marina environmental initiatives. We are in a prime position to become the conduit between the boating fraternity and environmental agencies promoting best practice and environmental concerns. We already have a number of marinas throughout the country pledging their commitment to the Clean Marina programme.