About Clean Marinas

The Clean Marina initiative is a voluntary programme promoted by NZMOA that encourages marina operators and recreational boaters to protect coastal water quality by engaging in environmentally sound business and operational practices.

The Clean Marina Programme is a partnership between industry, local and central government and the general boating fraternity. NZMOA will offer information, guidance, and technical assistance to marina operators, local governments, and recreational boaters on Best Management Practices (BMPs) that can be used to prevent or reduce pollution.


The Florida Clean Vessel Act in the USA first introduced Clean Marinas in 1993, since then thousands of marinas across the USA and the world have adopted the Clean Marina strategy. The Marina Industries Association now boasts over 30 certified Clean Marinas across New Zealand.

Why join the Clean Marina programme

Everyone in the marine industry needs clean water. And keeping it clean is just plain good business. Protecting our water quality is up to each one of us. Clean Marina's is an industry led programme developed by industry for industry, which will offer practical cost effective solutions to everyday operational issues. This industry set of strategies is intended to benefit Marinas, Boaters and the Environment. The Clean Marina's programme will show the regulatory authorities' members have the environments best interests at heart.

Benefits of Being a Clean Marina

  • Delivers short and long term cost savings by helping you find ways to save money whilst improving the environment
  • Will improve environmental conditions, benefiting local ecosystems, local communities and local businesses
  • Minimises the potential for environmental fines and prosecutions
  • Improves company image and increases customer patronage
  • Increases confidence with Government, the Community, local residents, boat owners and within the marine, tourism, leisure and recreation sectors
  • Will provide you with expert advice on how to reduce pollution impacts

What is the cost

The NZMOA executive is committed to lobbying local and central government for funding with a view to providing the programme at a low cost to the membership. Email the NZMOA Secretary today to received the pledge today along with a free copy of Clean Marina programme Best Management Practices and Self Assessment Guidebooks

So join the Clean Marina programme, make the pledge and become part of the solution…

Members join not because they have too but because they care......