Steps to become a clean marina

There are 3 levels or steps to becoming a Clean Marina

Level 1: The Clean Marina Pledge

By signing the pledge the applicant makes a voluntary public commitment to reduce pollution and enhance the environment through sound business strategies.

Applicants receive a copy of the industry Best Management Practices & Self Assessment Guidebooks to assist them in achieving worlds best practice in environmental initiatives.

Level 2: Clean Marina – Self Assessment

Importantly, the process is aided by the provision of a step-by-step, easy to follow Best Management Practices guidebook.

Applicants conduct a self assessment through the Guidebook and Checklists provided and make any necessary changes to there current operations until the achievements of the basic environmental management systems as outlined in the checklists is attained.

Level 3: Clean Marina – Independent Assessment

Once a marina completes their Level 2 self-assessment members of the NZMOA Executive and an Independent Auditor will conduct an independent audit and assessment of the facility.

Upon achieving Level 3 Clean Marina status the NZMOA Executive will present the recipient with a Certificate valid for 2 years and the New Zealand Clean Marina Flag.

NZMOA will also assist the recipient with Press Release and Marketing material and be included on the NZMOA website, Clean Marina listing.

To maintain Clean Marina status the facility must be independently audited bi-annually.

Participation in the Clean Marinas Programme is entirely voluntary. Pledging is the first step towards attaining the New Zealand Clean Marina certification.

Benefits of Clean Marina Certification include:

  • A framed Certificate… showing your commitment and attainment of the NZ Clean Marina status
  • A New Zealand Clean Marina flag… to fly at your facility to show your commitment to maintaining environmental standards
  • Marketing and promotion by the NZ Clean Marinas Programme in industry publications
  • Authorisation to use the "New Zealand Clean Marina" logo on letterheads and in advertising and
  • Introductions to and attainment of national and international accreditation systems

Need more information?

For more information or to apply to become a New Zealand Clean Marina, please contact email: